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Hi! I'm Amanda Joy Loveland. Along with our other talented coaches and teachers, I can't wait to help you transform your inner and outer worlds to create the life you've always wanted.

Amanda Joy Loveland is the owner and founder of imbodi you

For years, I've been driven by a deeper purpose that has ultimately led me here with you.

Like many of you, I had a deep stirring in my soul, pushing me toward something more. For more than a decade, I owned and ran a nationwide clothing company but was guided to step onto a new path in 2019. Are you feeling called to something greater than you?

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Amanda Loveland is a shamanic practitioner, NLP practitioner, reiki practitioner, public speaker, entrepreneur, podcaster, and published author.

Amanda Joy Loveland

CEO & Owner

Amanda is a shamanic practitioner, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner, reiki practitioner, intuitive, visionary, TedX speaker, successful entrepreneur, podcaster, and published author of three books.

A seeker of truth and student of life, Amanda has practiced and studied various healing modalities for over a decade.

The former owner of a national clothing brand, modbod, she felt a deeper calling and closed her business after 11 years—a difficult decision guided by intuition.

Amanda offers individual and group sessions, retreats, speaking engagements, and mentorship dedicated to spiritual and mental alignment, deep healing, growth, and expansion.

She's passionate about helping others remember who they are as she guides them in finding their authentic expression,  stepping fully into themselves through embodiment and embracing their unique gifts.

Yvette Kelsey

Coach & Facilitator

Yvette is a Master Certified Coach, practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Time Line Therapy trainer.

With more than three decades in the corporate arena, Yvette now uses her expertise to connect with others on a much deeper level and help them transform their lives.

She understands that the key to finding meaning and purpose and achieving your dreams is to remember who you are by clearing limiting beliefs, old stories, patterns that no longer serve you.

The biggest cheerleader you'll ever meet, Yvette knows you have greatness inside you and will be your biggest advocate!

She knows everyone has the power to experience the highest versions of themselves, and she's on a mission to guide them there.

Yvette is passionate about helping clients move through obstacles, achieve their goals, and experience real, lasting change. She helps you unlock your full potential and start living the life you've always desired.

Yvette Kelsey
Holli Henri

Holli Henrie

Coach & Facilitator

Holli Henrie is a lifelong explorer of spiritual realms and a devoted practitioner of various holistic modalities.

For the past 26 years, Holli has immersed herself in a diverse array of modalities, each contributing to her unique understanding of the spiritual and energetic realms.

Her range of experience includes the study of Neuro Kinesiology under the guidance of Dr. Lauren Hunter, Matrix Energetics and the art of two-pointing with Dr. Richard Bartlett, and The Orion Healing Technique and 12-Strand DNA Technique by Vianna Stibal with Loray Hattaway.

In addition to her spiritual pursuits, Holli is a skilled massage therapist and master esthetician. Through her hands-on work, she channels her intuitive abilities to promote physical well-being and enhance the holistic balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Holli is not only a practitioner but also a communicator with the divine. Embark on a transformative experience with Holli, where the convergence of spirituality, energy healing, and holistic wellness creates a space for profound personal growth and awakening.

Are you ready to become who you're meant to be?

Unlock the keys to freedom, self-mastery, and full embodiment so you can break every barrier and step into the life that's been waiting for you.

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Our proprietary method

The foundation for all our teachings, the Four Keys is a simple yet powerful whole-human approach to creating lasting change in both your inner and outer worlds.

The Four Keys to Self-Mastery and Full Embodiment

Our methodology

The foundation for all our teachings, the Four Keys is a simple yet powerful whole-human approach to creating lasting change in both your inner and outer worlds.

The Four Keys to Self-Mastery and Full Embodiment

For our tribe

Our manifesto

I know that as I come to a place of full embodiment that self-love naturally occurs that is pure and unconditional. As I step into this space, it radiates out and transforms the fabric of my reality into a place of sweetness, joy, and abundance and impacts everyone around me.

 I am a divine creator of my reality.

I know that as I choose to be a good steward of the body I've been given that I will become more and more connected to my divine gifts.

I fully claim my ability to access my intuition and take action when I am called.

As I step into my divine feminine & divine masculine, I claim my birthright to co-create the life of my choosing with my body, humanity, and God, the divine, or source.

I take full accountability for my thoughts, emotions, and actions.

I will fully accept all parts of me that I shamed because I judged them as bad, evil, or wrong, or believed that I was unlovable or not good enough.

Man standing on a mountaintop, looking out at neighboring peaks through the mist

I know that as I come to accept and return to wholeness through love...

I become more and more embodied in my truest essence.

This is my gift to myself and to the world.