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Starting March 19th!

This six-month transformational journey is for the woman who craves safety and confidence in her body, herself, and her life.

You know you're meant for more... but how do you get there? If you've tried it all and you're spinning your wheels, you, my friend, are in the right place.

Here, you'll learn to tune into your body, honor and nurture it, and redefine your relationship with yourself.

You'll finally get to create the life you desire—and deserve—by first learning to master the body, then the mind, emotions, and spirit.

Because when you feel safe in your body, everything else aligns.

Our signature method takes a holistic approach to healing from the inside out. Prepare for MASSIVE inner and outer shifts as we get to the root of what's holding you back—buh-bye, band-aids, quick fixes, and the empty promises of "solutions" that just don't deliver.

It's time to dig deep and uncover what's REALLY standing in the way of your powerful, authentic self.

Through this transformational journey, you will:

  • Finally feel safe and secure in your body
  • Releasing deep inner blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • Harness the power of your mind to create lasting results with ease
  • Learn to use emotions as fuel to create a life of your choosing
  • Step into your powerful, confident, authentic self
  • Uncover your deeper purpose and develop unshakable confidence in yourself and your path
  • Experience a true sense of joy, happiness, and freedom

By the end of the imbodi physical program, you'll come to know and love yourself in true feminine embodiment and self-mastery and develop lifelong friendships with like-minded women.

If you're willing to put in the work...

This program will change your life forever.


When will calls be?

Calls are weekly and will be Tuesdays at 7pm MST. They are recorded and are not mandatory to participate although our groups have communicated that that is the highlight of their week. 

Weekly calls are an hour long. 

How do I do the lesson modules? 

Each week a lesson module will be released for you to watch at your own time. As much as you can, we encourage you to stay on track each week so you are not behind. However, if you get behind a few weeks it's not difficult to catch up.  

How much time is required each week?

Weekly lesson modules range anywhere from 20 min to 40 min. You will be spending time each day putting the lesson to practice. 

How many people are in a group?

There are max 15 people in a group for a more intimate and personal experience building strong and safe bonds.


See what they're saying

I am so grateful for this group! As I have looked back over the 6 months I can see the slow and steady progress. I truly feel stronger and more in my body than I have in years. Stacking wins and remembering the wins and knowing that I have this amazing support system has brought me to this place of finally I feel like I am back! I feel more confident, strength and movement that I haven’t felt in years. Knowing that I have had support has helped to create changes mental, emotionally and spiritually.


I never thought I could love my body the way it is. I was always so hard on myself. No wonder I didn’t get the results I wanted. Through this program I’ve come to learn that when you can love and accept yourself massive change is possible. It doesn’t have to be mean and aggressive. I learned so much about myself along the way. Thank you Michelle and Amanda for guiding me through and helping me realize the only thing standing in my way is me


I felt called to this program, not necessarily because I felt I needed help in “healing” my body or to have a better relationship with my body.  Yet, through this 6 month process, I’ve experienced such emotional healing, which in turn has led to feeling 100% safe in my body and at peace with my body.  I finally feel safe to be me.  Coming to this realization has been huge, and it’s been the missing piece I’ve needed to live my most authentic life. Amanda and Michelle have been amazing guides and the community of women in this group has been such an amazing and added blessing.  Thank you for everything!  ❤️


This program has helped me in developing a healthy relationship with my body and so much more! I have been able to dive into what is going on internally, the limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, patterns, negative self-talk, and lack of boundaries happening at the subconscious level. To be able to bring to light the things that have been holding me back has been so powerful. Wow, the self awareness!


$333 per month

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